Images of Dougies Backpackers Resort in Port Douglas

What to do in Port Douglas

The Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia's most treasured icons and has been recognised as a World Heritage listed area. It is made up of a collection of 2,900 individual reefs and stretches more than 2,000 km adjacent to the Queensland coast. The Port Douglas coast shows the reef in it's most pristine condition.

This is the closest mainland departure point for trips to the reef and there are a number of quality local businesses offering fantastic day tours. This is an essential highlight during your travel. You can spend the day on the coral sea viewing the wonders of the reef by snorkelling and diving.

Rainforest & Cape Tribulation

The coastal rainforests of the Daintree and Cape Tribulation National Parks are easily assessable from Port Douglas. There are a number of options to see the forests from organised day tours to a self drive hire car. The group tours have qualified guides to provide information on the plants, animals and ecosystems of the rainforests.

Low Isles

Low Isles are two idyllic coral cays that are a typical tropical island paradise. A very relaxing day can be spent by leisurely sailing out to the isles. Spend the day kicking back on the beach under a thatched umbrella or feel free to explore the island. You can snorkel with ease by diving straight into the water from the beach with plenty of terrific coral and fish life to discover. You may even get the chance to see a green sea turtle!

Eating, Drinking & Shopping

The village has over 40 restaurants and cafes and has developed a reputation for quality dining and service. There are some great pubs, lots of bars and a few nightclubs to make your Port Douglas experience enjoyable!

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